Small business services:

Do you own a small business, or are you in the process of starting one? I will be an enthusiastic part of your team at every stage. For new entrepreneurs, we will discuss the various entity types (partnership, LLC, S-Corporation, etc.) and choose the one that is right for you. I will draft operating agreements, bylaws, and other documents specially tailored for your business. As a small business expert, I am available to assist you in every situation, from leasing office space, to registering trademarks, to hiring and firing personnel, to merging or selling your company.

Employment and labor issues:

I believe in fostering productive and trusting relationships between employers and employees. The best working environments are those in which business owners and their personnel know what to expect from each other. I therefore promote the use of transparent and fair hiring agreements; handbooks; confidentiality/non-disclosure/non-competition agreements; and severance packages. I have worked on behalf of both employees and employers in severance negotiations, and I offer reasonable flat fees for drafting/negotiating separation agreements.

Contracts and commercial transactions:

Clear, written contracts are the key to successful transactions. Countless people make the error of relying on a handshake to seal an agreement, believing this is the way to simplify business and protect relationships. The reality is the exact opposite. Misunderstandings cost you money and destroy the valuable goodwill you have worked hard to build. Do not let this happen to you. I have over ten years of experience drafting and negotiating written agreements. My job as your attorney is to help you get the best deal and memorialize it in writing to ensure the enforceability of your legal rights. I will protect your interests with regard to real estate leases; construction contracts; non-disclosure agreements; and much more.